PY5 - Startup Accelerator

PY5 - Startup Accelerator

Build a better tech company

Our accelerator is designed to help pre-seed startups de-risk their business model and ensure they have an investable company. We do this through our hands-on program with a robust focus on product, go-to market and fundraising strategy.

Our program is hybrid, mostly remote but with one closing week offline in one of Pygma’s hubs in Latin America.

Accelerate your startup, raise capital and learn from other top founders, operators, angels & VCs in Latin America.
1% of equity to join
12 weeks program
For pre-seed startups

Who is this program for?

Founders with tech startups in ‘pre-seed’ stage, may be in the following phases:

  • A company with traction in terms of sales, product or venture capital.
  • Or founders with startup background/track-record and with a great market opportunity.
Note: The founding team must be dedicated full-time to the company. It must be a team composed of two to five “founding members”.


  • Intermediate-advanced command of English (Most of our sessions and mentorships will be held in English, with the exception of some supporting sessions held in Spanish).
  • Within the "founding members" there must be a CTO (it is not mandatory, but it is an advantage when applying).

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A program packed with support

Program Benefits

Selection process

We review your application and do 2 remote interviews.

1- Review your application
  • Structure: Form.
  • We review:
    • That you have all the requirements to participate in our program.
    • That your idea is aligned with our acceleration thesis.
2- First Interview (Drive)
  • Structure: 30 minutes of dialogue
  • We will talk:
    • You, your background and your project.
    • Your purpose and commitment to create your startup with Pygma.
    • Your experience and motivation to undertake the program.
    • Your team and why they are the right team.
3- Second Interview (Startup)
  • Structure: 60 minutes of dialogue
  • We will talk:
    • Your business or idea.
    • Problem and solution
    • Opportunity and market
    • Business Mode / Value proposition.
    • Learnings and/or traction.
    • Go-to-Market strategy.

Relevant program dates

  • Early application
  • The early application deadline is November 1st, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. EST. If you apply during this period, you will be pre-registered.

  • General application
  • The general application deadline for PY5 is December 20th, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. EST.

  • Kick-Off
  • We plan to start in January 2024.

Why join our program?

  • Pygma founders have started successful startups accelerators & funds like Acanof 🇨🇴, Scala 🇨🇴, Buildup Camp 🇳🇱.
  • We are hands-on, we don’t only connect you with capital and arrange a line-up of speakers, we help you build through our sprints and we co-build your startup with you.
  • We have the ability to help you scale in more than 27 cities in the world through our network.
  • With our “Membership Acceleration Program”, we helped founders raise more than 5M USD from funds like Monashees and Blackshiip, and we have helped founders get into YC, 500, and Startup Chile among others.
  • We have educated and accelerated close to over 150 startups.
    • 2 companies have joined Techstars.
    • 1 company has joined Alchemist Accelerator.
    • 1 company has joined Startup Chile.

Word on the street


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The right connections

Get access to our network of VCs and Angels during and after our program. Joining our program also gives you benefits from more than $20k in access & credits from awesome companies that support our program.

Program partners


Frequently asked questions:

How can I apply?

Some important points to consider before applying are:

  • Remember to read in detail the requirements and the profiles we are looking for at the top.
  • Complete the form following all the steps in detail and answering the questions honestly.
  • Applications that include a referral from our community are more likely to be interviewed.
  • In case you have any questions please contact Andrés Campo our Head of Programs.
To apply, fill out the following application form.

How much does the acceleration program cost?

Our program has a fee which is 1%, we only take a tiny percentage of your company to accelerate you because we don’t want to mess up you cap table. These costs should be considered as tuition to joining a life-long community and a top-notch acceleration curriculum.

What are the opportunities you get by participating in the Pygma program?
  • Mentorships:
  • One of the biggest advantages of participating in the Pygma program is access to our network of international mentors, in the LatAm, USA and Europe regions. You will have access to Pygma's core team, we are seasoned entrepreneurs, and individuals with considerable experience in your field to give feedback and offer guidance. We also organize a series of talks and Q&A sessions with guests from our network. The speakers are founders, operators or consultants who are experts in the most relevant topics around building your startup, such as: product design, branding, growth, data management, fundraising and more.

  • Focus on data, validation and growth:
  • We have experts in the validation and growth areas, they will help you validate and grow exponentially. We use the best product design methodologies, which will help you take steps with confidence using data that will give you a better north. We know all the tactics necessary to generate traction for your Startup, whether in the area of SEO, Email Marketing, Paid advertisement, we will help you take your Startup to the next level.

  • Fundraising:
  • Pygma works with experts, with years of experience, in fundraising and we have relationships with the largest funds in the LatAm region. You'll learn how to run an effective fundraising process, how and when to talk to investors, and how to tell your story effectively.

  • Access to the Pygma community:
  • We have a network of more than 120 entrepreneurs in different industries and regions of the world. We also have more than 50 expert mentors in the areas related to building and growing Startups. You will connect with our network made up of developers, designers, marketers and founders.

  • Branding and PR:
  • Pygma has an important position in the LATAM region as the only data-driven accelerator. Being a Startup Pygma is a signal to the ecosystem that you are building something important. We have an impressive group of people in our network, ranging from investors, strategic companies, platform partners and press. In addition, once a year we organize the largest entrepreneurship event in the Techstars Startup Weekend LATAM region. All this means great exposure and visibility for your company.

  • The Pygma Way:
  • The Pygma culture is unique, we are founded on the concept of expecting the best from others and contributing to those results. This means that at the core of our thesis is co-creation, support, creativity, taking risks, accepting failure, transparency and moving quickly. We want to push the ecosystem out of its comfort zone. You will work hard, but you will have fun in the process.

What are the companies considered for the Pygma program?

Pygma invests in companies that are working on technology-based solutions that are in different industries. If your Startup is built around a technological component, we invite you to apply to our program. In the past we have accelerated SaaS, Marketplaces, e-commerce, Data Tools, among others.

I have finished the application, but I have not received a response yet, what are the next steps?

We try to inform the founders as soon as possible about our decision on their application, you can use our deadlines as a good indicator of when it will be the final moment that you will receive our decision.

Can I apply again if I am not chosen for this batch?

Of course! We expect founders with prior experience with our application process to be more successful in future applications as they know our process and what we look for in a Startup. We will be in constant contact with our base of applicants to previous programs and you will be the first to know when future applications to our program will open.

Where can I learn more about Pygma?

We invite you to learn more about us, our history and our team on our website.