Fundraising is in our core

We want to support you in taking your next step. At Pygma we set our success bar based on how many companies we were able to help raised capital, or move into a global acceleration program. This is why we are not only focused on hosting a demo day for our founders, but beyond this helping them land conversation with VCs & angels that are interested in your proposition, or get you ready for a top global program such as Y Combinator, 500 Startups or Techstars among others.

Here is how fundraising week works:

  • Demo-day @stonks.com: During demo day (virtual) you will get to showcase your progress, and everything you were able to achieve during our program, VCs & Angels will join us and they will be able to show their interest in investing in your startup.
  • Arkangeles the startups that has been selected for Stonks, will also have the opportunity to promote its round through our partnership with Arkangeles.
  • Matchmaking: Throughout the Fundraising week we facilitate matchmaking session were you will get to talk with interested VCs, Angels or partners that are interested in giving you feedback or investing in your company.
  • Application training: If you are not successful during your matchmaking sessions in taking the next step we offer dedicated support to help you apply to a top global program, we have helped other startups succeed at joining some of the best accelerators in the world.